The Author


Lyndsay Lowe produced the first edition of Life & Beyond in 1998 when she was managing her own business in Dubbo. After selling numerous copies and taking on board suggestions from friends and people who purchased the book, the second print run was produced in 2002. A third print run with additional online information has now sold and the most recent edition includes Family History and space for your DNA details. 

Lyndsay has four kids and nine grandkids . Her family is a little scattered with one in Sydney (never to return to the bush), one in Newcastle and two in Dubbo.

Lyndsay’s life has been lived mostly in rural communities including Carinda, Geurie, Nyngan, Gunnedah, Narrabri and Dubbo for 32 years. A couple of city stints were thrown in when she lived in Sydney and London so she has experienced both lifestyles. Lyndsay recently moved to the Morpeth area. Her preference by a long shot, is rural and the Morpeth area keeps her closer to a city but still retaining a rural lifestyle! 

A long CV portrays a life of involvement in many different areas, however during 2002 - 2015 saw her settled in the one job, in one town and working in a occupation she loved. Her employment with a rural clinical school saw her encouraging medical students to give a rural lifestyle a shot in the hope it would encourage them to practice rurally after graduation. As the program is working, we are now seeing medical practitioners returning to country towns.

Lyndsay has a long history of voluntary positions which has included working with kids, public speaking, Lifeline Telephone Counselling, Smith Family mentoring, fundraising and other activities.  She is now a volunteer  with NALAG and Ronald McDonald House.

Lyndsay is now retired and putting more energy into promoting Life & Beyond in the hope that more people will let their families know their final wishes. 

Her favourite thing to do is travel so watch out for her orange camper  passing through your area

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